Organization Ideas

Create a resource for frequently referenced information by attaching a labeled Post-it® Flag to a similarly colored folder or binder. These organized files are especially handy for temporary or fill-in employees who need access to important information quickly.

Start by making a list of the goals you have for a particular week. Write these goals on Post-it® Flags and lace them on your weekly calendar on the deadline dates or where they can easily be seen. When you complete a goal, remove the Post-it® Flag and move on to the next one.

Have you ever had to answer a question about a meeting that was held a few days ago? You know you can find the answer, but first you’ll have to go through all of the notes. Next time, mark the topics with different colored Post-it® Flags with a short description (trade show, department meeting, etc.).

  • Made of film material
  • Repositionable—Post-it® Brand adhesive sticks securely and removes cleanly
  • Easy to write on—use pen, marker or pencil

Features to Match Your Organizational Style

Variety of Colors

Assorted Bright & Primary Colors
Choose from all the color options and find the ones that best match your organizational needs. The wide variety of colors provides flexibility to organize in as many ways as there are colors!

Two Sizes

1/2” or 1” Widths
Match the size you need to where the Post-it® Flag will be used. Both sizes work great for flagging a page or flagging information on a page.

Pull Up to Dispense

Classic Cartridge
Each color is in its own cartridge. Keep the colors as a group or break them apart by tearing at the perforation.

Just pull up on the flag to dispense.

Always on Hand

A handy, clear plastic dispenser that pops up the Flags one-at-a-time. Conveniently goes in a desk drawer, briefcase, backpack or purse and are available when needed.

Dispenser Options

High Volume Dispenser
This lightweight dispenser grips to the desk without adhesive for convenient one-handed dispensing.