The Ease of Scotch® Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape*

Super strong to withstand rough handling in shipping. Guaranteed to stay sealed.* Scotch® Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging tape seals seams with one strip so boxes stay closed. It also resists slivering, splinting, splitting, and tearing.

* If your box does not stay sealed, 3M will refund the purchase price of this tape. Proof of purchase required. Not applicable in Australia and New Zealand.

Store That Tape! Cabinet Pack

  • Keeps rolls neat and organized
  • Perforated lid can be removed for easy access, then replaced to keep tape clean
  • Can easily be stored on a shelf or in a cabinet

Which Scotch® Packaging Tape is Right For You?

Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape
40x stronger than acrylic tape*

Commercial Grade Shipping Packaging Tape
Industrial strength

Commercial Grade Greener Shipping Packaging Tape
Made with 50% recycled materials

Sure Start Packaging Tape
Quiet & easy to unwind

* In shear adhesion holding power, compared to acrylic tapes based on ASTMB D3654B.

Long Lasting Storage Packaging Tape
Designed for lasting protection

Tough Grip Moving Packaging Tape
Secures up to 80lbs.

Tear By Hand Packaging Tape
Easy tear, secure seal

Ultra Clear Packaging Tape
Clean finish

Extreme Strapping Tape
Thick and strong

Reinforced Strength Strapping Tape
Super strong holding power

General Purpose Packaging Tape