B8 PowerCrown™ Premium Staples, 1/4"

With 1/4" legs and chiseled points for ultimate penetration, these premium staples are ideal for deep stapling. The PowerCrown™ design allows for strong stapling force, flattening the peaked top and forcing staple legs outward for a stronger hold. The carbon steel wire build avoids buckling and ensures that there is zero jamming. Always maintain focus with this pack of 5,000 full strip staples.


  • PowerCrown™ design for ultimate stapling force
  • Finely honed chisel points for maximum penetration
  • Superior high carbon steel wire reduces buckling + jamming
  • 1/4" (6mm) leg length
  • 5,000 staples per box
  • Full strip design
B8 PowerCrown™ Premium Staples, 1/4