Avery Binder Pockets

Organization is Essential, Wherever You Work.

Binder pockets are perfect for organizing loose, unpunched documents in order to keep binders neatly organized for quick and easy reference.
Clear or assorted colorsDurable, translucent front and back cover or clear cover with opaque backingWavy-cut three pocket and standard-style pocket with Corner Lock or traditional slash jacket styleThree-hole punched for standard-sized ring binders or 7-hole punched for mini bindersArchival safe, poly material is lightweight and ready for travel

Binder Pockets with Corner Lock

Look for Avery Binder Pockets with Corner Lock tabs that keep your documents secure.

For School

Organize schoolwork, color-coding by course or by subject

For Work

Take your paperwork from binder or file rack to meetings and back

For Home

Store important papers like household, medical, financial and travel documents

Binder Pockets Key Features

Safe for Disinfectants

The durable, plastic surface can be easily wiped clean using most non-abrasive household cleaners. Also disinfect Avery Binders, Sheet Protectors and plastic Dividers.

Safe for Your Documents

Ideal for long-term storage, non-stick polypropylene material is acid free and archival safe so it won't lift print.

Mini Binder Pockets for Planners

Available with three-hole punched to fit standard ring binders or 7-hole punched for use with 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" mini binders and organizers.

From Ring Binder to On-the-Go

Keep Binder Pockets in a ring binder or take them out and take them with you. Binder pockets travel like a file folder.