Knob-Adjust Arm

  • Knob adjusts both height and tilt.
  • Just loosen the knob, set height and tilt, then re-tighten.
  • Lifetime warranty

17" Glide Track

  • Track and short-necked arm are ideal for regular shallow workstations (18-22" under-desk depth)
  • Constructed of heavy guage metal for durability and stability
  • Lifetime warranty

Highly Adjustable Platform

  • Sturdy platform has left/right lateral adjustment.
  • Articulating mousing platform adjusts up, down, left, right, forward, and back, and tilts forward and back also.
  • Includes Preciseā„¢ Mousing Surface, a micro-grooved surface to enhance the precision of optical mice at fast speeds. It also extends battery life of wireless optical mice up to 75%.
  • Adjustable keyboard trays with highly-adjustable platform contain 25% recycled content.
  • Lifetime warranty.