Dock & Add up to 10 Devices to Your Laptop

Dock and add up to 10 must-have devices to your USB-C laptop with the Dock Pro™ 100 USB-C 4K Ultra-Slim Station. The Dock Pro is the perfect companion to turn your MacBook, Windows laptop or Chromebook into a complete workstation. Quickly add two 4K monitors via HDMI and DisplayPort, a full-sized keyboard and mouse, external hard drive, a printer and more by connecting only one cable to your USB-C device.

Stunning Dual 4K or HD Monitor Setup

The Dock Pro’s dual video monitor functionality offers astonishing video quality that provides a greater level of enjoyment while watching videos, playing games, or working and creating from your office. You will also get full 1080p HD quality video when using a single monitor setup via VGA.

Maximize Your Workstation

Attach multiple devices effortlessly to your laptop with Dock Pro’s single USB-C cable. Efficiently access your data simultaneously from multiple SD/MMC/MicroSD memory cards and connect an array of USB-A peripherals to the station’s three USB 3.0 ports while charging your phone or tablet at super-fast rates. Link to your wired office or home network via the included Gigabit Ethernet port for high-speed data transfer rates and choose between three video connectivity options: HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA. Listen to your streaming music or video audio through a connected headset or connect a microphone to complete your multimedia workstation setup.

Mirror or Extend Your Monitors

Adding two monitors to your laptop will improve your productivity. Mirror or extend your Windows USB-C laptop to two monitors or extend your USB-C MacBook to one additional monitor. Browse the web on one screen, edit a document on the second. When using a Windows USB-C laptop, write an email or connect to a webinar on a third monitor.

Charge Your Laptop While Docked

Charge your laptop while connected to your docking station without the needing an additional power supply. Connect your manufacturer's USB-C AC power adapter directly to the Dock Pro and power your laptop while you work or play. With up to 100W* of Power Delivery 3.0 pass through, you can keep all your power-hungry devices and peripherals ready to go. When on-the-go, this bus-powered dock draws the power needed from your connected laptop.

Sleek, Innovative Design

This versatile dock is designed to fit seamlessly into any workstation or setup. Save space on your desk by placing your laptop directly on top of the docking station’s non-slip silicon rubber pad. Dock Pro’s intelligently contoured design provides you an enhanced ergonomic typing experience for less hand and wrist strain.

* 85W max is delivered to the laptop after deduction of 15W consumed by the docking station. Initial power output is dependent upon the power supply.

*Disclaimer on Functional Diagram: MST-enabled systems support extended mode; without MST, device operates in mirror mode only. Mac OS does not support MST