4XEM USB-C to Mini USB 2.0 Type-B Adapter

Our USB Type-C to Mini USB 2.0 Type-B adapter makes it easy to sync and charge your USB Type-C devices and peripherals without the need for extra cables. Simply plug the adapter into the USB Type-C device and use your existing Mini USB Type-B cable, and you’re ready to sync or charge . Also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1.

Backwards compatible!

4XEM USB-C to Mini-USB Adapter.

The 24-pin double sided connector provides four power/ground pairs, two differential pairs for USB 2.0, four pairs for high-speed data, 2 "sideband use" pins, and two configuration pis for cable orientation detection.

Mini USB connectors are a common means of connectivity for computers and other electronic devices. This is Used in a wide array of devices such as cellphones, MP3 players, digital cameras and game controllers.

Our 4XEM USB-C to Mini-USB adapter is backwards compatible with a small, durable and very portable design.  Utilize you older USB-Mini cables for high speed data transfers up to 480Mbps.