Avery Marks A Lot Dry Erase Markers

Avery Marks A Lot Dry Erase Markers are the perfect tool for writing on whiteboards, glass and other nonporous surfaces. The low-odor, bright, colored ink writes smoothly and erases easily. Color code whiteboards, laminated calendars, transparencies and more with vivid green, blue, red and black ink. The nontoxic, certified formula makes the markers safe for both adults and children. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to fit your exact need.

Erases Easily

Ink erases easily and cleanly with a dry cloth or eraser.

Won't Dry Out

Cap can be left off for up to 24 hours without dry-out.

Find the Right Marker for the Job

Desk-Style Dry Erase Markers

Desk-style dry erase markers wipe off easily and offer a durable chisel tip that writes in a variety of widths. Ideal for whiteboards, glass and other nonporous surfaces.

Pen-Style Dry Erase Markers

Pen-style dry erase markers feature a fine point to write in small areas, and a sturdy pocket clip for portability. Perfect for laminate planners and calendars.

Jumbo Washable Markers

Not erasable, but these washable markers easily wash off hands, most fabrics and nonporous surfaces. The water-based ink won?t bleed through most paper types. Great for signs, posters and banners.

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Avery SmearSafe Hi-Liter gets the job done, without smearing or streaking. Easily highlight or underline words and phrases with brilliant, nontoxic color. A must-have for back to school, home and office. Perfect for textbooks, planners, budgets and more.

Permanent Markers

Avery Marks A Lot Permanent Markers feature bold, low-odor ink. Get high visibility even from a distance. Great for posters, banners and more. Markers write on virtually any surface, including cardboard, metal and plastic. And the ink won't dry out when the cap is left off for up to 30 minutes..

Glue Sticks

Avery Glue Stic is the easy-to-use, solid adhesive in a twist-up tube that leaves no visible trace when dry. It?s ideal for paper, cardboard, fabric and photos, so it?s great for arts and crafts.

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