How Post-it® can help you

Organization Ideas

A variety of Post-it ® Tab sizes work great with different size folder cuts

  • 2/5 folder cut - 1" Post-it® Tabs
  • 1/3 folder cut - 2" Post-it® Tabs
  • 1/2 folder cut - 3" Post-it® Tabs

No need for separate pages - less bulk

Pick the size that works best for your needs - smaller tabs for many sections or larger tabs for more writing space

Angled tabs allow for easy viewing of hanging file folders

Post-it® Tabs

  • Long lasting - made of durable material
  • Easy to write on - use pen, marker or pencil
  • Repositionable - Post-it ® Brand adhesive sticks and resticks
  • Features to Match Your Organizational Style

    Variety of Colors

    Multiple Colors Available
    Choose from all the color options to find the ones that best match your organizational needs. The wide variety of colors provides flexibility to organize in as many ways as there are colors!

    Two Color Types

    Solid color or Color bar?

    • Solid Color tabs provide a block of color for quick, visual reference.
    • The color bar provides the quick, color visual reference as well as a white area for a more defined writing space.

    Four Sizes

    5/8", 1", 2", or 3" Widths
    Match the size you need to where the Post-it ® Tab will be used. 5/8" and 1" widths are great for books or as a page separator in a binder. 2" and 3" provide ample writing space for file folders and hanging files.

    Flat or Angled

  • Angled tabs allow for easy viewing of hanging file folders.
  • Flat tabs work great everywhere else!​
  • Dispenser Type


    Many of the Post-it ® Tab products come in a handy, clear plastic dispenser that pop up the tabs one-at-a-time. Conveniently goes in a desk drawer, briefcase, backpack or purse to be available when needed. Aenean sollicitudin turpis nec nibh tempus dictum. Vivamus eget cursus tortor. Praesent egestas dui vitae mi eleifend pharetra. Ut hendrerit iaculis lorem, iaculis congue dui faucibus non. Curabitur ut felis risus.