AutoMax™ 550C Auto Feed Shredder

AutoMax™ 550C Auto Feed Shredder

With the Fellowes® line of AutoMax™ shredders we’ve eliminated the limitations of other auto feed shredders. What makes AutoMax™ truly walk away is their patented SureFeed™ and AccuFeed™ Technologies. These features are designed to shred common stacks of paper as they are – no pulling out staples, paper clips, or even smoothing wrinkled papers. Simplyload the tray, push the button and walk away.

Product Features

Patented AccuFeed System™

Automatically shreds stacks of paper including documents with staples and paper clips. Simply load the drawer, press start, and walk away.

Jam Prevention

Auto Reverse stops and reverses paper jams, reducing time-consuming frustrations.

Enhanced Security

AutoMax's SmartLock engages with each shred cycle to protect confidential information. Even in the event of a power outage, the drawer will remain locked until the shredding cycle is complete.

Energy Efficiency

The AutMax auto feed shredder also features our Sleep Mode energy saving feature that shuts down the shredder after 2 minutes of inactivity.