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Essential 16 Charging Station


Maximize space with a compact, lightweight modular charging station that conveniently mounts to walls or desktops, and can even be stacked. The Essential 16 efficiently charges up to 16 devices of any type, all without breaking the bank. Don't forget to spread team spirit—these solutions are also available in our line of School Pride colors in addition to the standard color blue.

Transform any wall or desk into a secure charging space.


Other stationary charging options sometimes do not make sense cost-wise for the number of devices that they can accommodate. This solution is more cost-effective than other wall units and charging carts. It even costs less than cases to send the devices home with students.

Versatile Installation

The compact and lightweight modular design of the Essential 16 allows it to be easily mounted to a wall or desk without taking up a lot of space. The all-steel construction ensures the durability required for repeated use in classroom environments.

Unrivaled Adjustability

The Essential 16 is adjustable in height and depth to suit a wide range of devices including Chromebooks, tablets, and notebooks. This versatility makes it highly adaptable to evolving technology plans.

Secure, Open Design

The locking system prevents devices from being removed, while providing an open design that allows teachers to see that all devices have been returned with a glance.

Locking Cable Compartment

Cut down on wiring time with a solution that is easy to set up, but endures repeated use. AC adapters and excess cable lengths are stowed in a lockable compartment beneath the shelf.

Speedy Deployment

Multiple charging stations can be used for higher quantities of devices. This can also increase the speed of deployment as students form multiple lines to retrieve their devices.

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