Through the use of handheld testers and Link-Live, Memorial Hermann Health systems (200 hospitals and clinics / 70+ field techs) experienced an 80% reduction in escalations and improved collaboration between front-line and network engineering.

Automated Results Documentation

Link-Live allows test results from LinkSprinter, LinkRunner AT, LinkRunner G2, AirCheck G2, and OneTouch AT handheld network testers to be automatically uploaded providing users with a unified dashboard of both wired and Wi-Fi network connectivity results.

Test results are automatically sent to your secure Link-Live results management dashboard providing organizations with a newfound ability to quickly and easily document the network. This provides organizations with the ability to provide proof of performance and better manage jobs and staff efficiency.

Link-Live provides a single database for test results across media types be it copper/fiber/Wi-Fi:

  • Reduces results management overhead across media types
  • Broadens collaboration perspective and capability
  • Simplifies single report across media types
  • Direct remote control of OneTouch
  • Attach photos to each result
    • Asset tags
    • Serial numbers of installed devices
    • Green light proof AP was working when job was completed