Vertiv™Avocent®ACS8000 Serial Console System

Out-of-Band Visibility, Access & Control

The Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS8000 Serial Console System delivers secure in-band and out-of-band visibility and control to downstream equipment in enterprise data centers, as well as cloud and colocation facilities. This serial console system serves as a secure management gateway and single point of entry keeping you connected to critical IT equipment even in the event of partial or total data center outages. With serial access, environmental monitoring, and comprehensive activity logs for all connected devices, the Avocent ACS8000 series provides secure equipment access and control across your data center. The system includes:

•In-band and out-of-band connectivity and control for connected devices

•Single IP address management, acting as an IoT gateway for connected sensors and digital inputs and outputs

•Single-point-of-entry security for all downstream equipment

•Auto-discovery and native command settings for monitoring and management of Vertiv and third-party equipment

•USB and environmental sensor ports for external devices and environmental monitoring


The Avocent ACS8000 Serial Console System delivers out-of-band equipment access in compliance with data center access and security policies and best practices, such as IPsec VPN, customizable ACLs and FIPS 140-2. It acts as a single point of access for all connected devices, limiting entry points and providing event logging and notifications to record user activity.


The Avocent ACS8000 offers fast, automated configuration with automated discovery tools and zero-touch provisioning (ZTP). Auto-discovery eases identification of Vertiv and third-party devices. ZTP automates installation steps at startup. Native command settings make monitoring and management of connected devices simple, and auto-pinout simplifies serial port installation.


The Avocent ACS8000 includes eight USB ports to support additional IT equipment and external devices. The console also features digital inputs and an environmental sensor port to connect temperature, humidity, differential pressure, and leak and door sensors. These sensors monitor and help control conditions across the data center that can impact the performance of IT equipment.


Today’s data center facilities are evolving and becoming more complex, requiring advanced, real-time asset visibility and management. The Avocent ACS8000 ensures comprehensive network access and real-time event logs and notifications that bring clarity, control and security to these business-critical facilities.


As the colocation market continues to grow, so do concerns about the security and control of client IT assets. The Vertiv ACS8000 Serial Console System complies with data center access and security policies and acts as a single point of access for connected devices, limiting entry points and streamlining deployments with zero-touch provisioning.


Network equipment is more intelligent than ever, requiring extensive testing under assorted real-world conditions to ensure effective operation. The ACS8000 Serial Console System simplifies that sort of testing, allowing networking equipment manufacturers to access and control multiple devices during important qualification tests.