Back-UPS BE425M by APC

Back-up Power and Surge Protection for Low-Power Devices

For smaller electronics, the BE425M provides peace of mind when the power goes out. Ideal for keeping your internet router running when the rest of your home loses power.

Entry-Level UPS


The Back-UPS BE425M is a great option for low-powered electronics, like your internet router.

Stay Connected

APC UPS and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Every connected SmartHome needs a UPS to help keep your wifi on and available, so that your SmartHome stays,!

Where to use a 425VA APC UPS

Wireless Router & IOT Devices

Stay connected via the internet when your power goes out. That wifi signal can still be available if your router is connected to a UPS.

Laptops or low-power devices

Give yourself the time to save documents and gracefully shut down your laptop without the harsh impact on your electronics of a sudden power loss.


Don't let a power flux interrupt the recording of your favorite show! Connect an APC UPS to ensure blip-free recording.

Television and Cablebox

For higher powered items like LCD televisions, a higher VA UPS is recommended (BE850M2, or BE600M1).