ZuM eco-Set

The ZuM eco-SetTM USB/DECT 6.0 Headset is a fully wireless headset solution that enhances your wireless mobility in a safer eco-environment.
Unleash Wireless Freedom in Eco-Mode
In today’s wireless world, we sometimes take for granted the amount of non-dangerous emissions that are always around us. Wouldn’t it be just common sense to be able to lower these emissions without sacrificing any voice quality in your wireless headset if you could? Well, Spracht® has now introduced a very comfortable, sleek Zum eco-SetTM wireless headset that does just that.
The eco-DECT feature means reduced power output and radio frequency of the headsets, while still retaining the quality of the audio. Unlike most other DECT headsets, when the headset is docked in the base station in standby mode, the headset practically stops emitting radio frequency. This reduces the RF emissions to almost zero. When the headset is in use, the eco-DECT technology ensures a safe power output, with minimal emissions. The headset adjusts the radio frequency in four steps depending on the distance between the headset and the base.The closer to the base, the lower its power output.
ZuM eco-Set<sup>™</sup>

ZuM eco-Set USB/DECT 6.0 Headset Features

  • Secure DECT 6.0 Protocol.
  • Dynamic Power Adjustment means lowest level of emissions based on distance from the base station.
  • Light, flexible over-the-ear style for all-day comfort
  • 9 Hours of talk time.
  • Noise canceling microphone reduces background noise.
  • Consultation hold function.
  • Conference call up to three callers.
  • “Out of range” indication.
  • Range up to 500 feet (150m).
  • Adjustable reception volume.
  • Full USB Voice for PC or Mac calls.
  • Optimized for Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business, Skype, and other VoIP platforms.
  • Use with Electronic Hookswitch or Remote Handset Lifter (RHL-2010) to answer and end calls remotely (both sold separately).
ZuM eco-Set<sup>™</sup> USB/DECT 6.0 Headset Features

Comfortable, Durable, Easy to Use

Use ZuM eco-DECT ProTM with PC or Mac, for Skype and Skype for Business (Lync). You can install a Remote Handset Lifter (RHL-2010, sold separately) or an Electronic Hook Switch, and begin and end your calls from your headset. The over-the-ear style is light and comfortable, for all day use.
</br>Comfortable, Durable, Easy to Use