Organization Ideas

• Utilize Red/Yellow/Green to create a visual organization system to prioritize tasks and indicate sense of urgency

• Priortize To-Do's using Red, Yellow and Green Flags

• Piroritize tasks using Red, Yellow and Green Arrow Flags. Smaller Flags include two white flags for additional notes or direction

• Research shows that color-coding data improves immediate comprehension - conveying information faster and with better staying power

• Color code your To Do's based on priority

• Quickly change the status on a task or To Do by simply changing the flag color. All Post-it® Prioritization Flags are made with Post-it® Brand adhesive meaning they stick securely and remove cleanly

A Week of Organization Using Post-it® Flags

1. Using Post-it® Prioritization Flags to create a color coding system that works for you. For example red could denote tasks that need to be done today, yellow tasks must be done by the end of the week, and green are for reference or to be filed.

2. Each morning, make a to-do list of just the "red" tasks to complete that day. Cross them off as you completel them for an extra sense of accomplishment.

3. At the end of each day, revisit "yellow" tasks and change the urgency if needed.

4. Set aside time on Friday to file or review the non-urgent "green" tasks. Best of all, you'll leave the office feeling in control and less stressed about the week ahead.

Use Color to Stay Organized

How do we organize and perceive the world around us? According to neuroscientists, our brains often process color before anything else. As we scan the world for information, they say color perception is the first thing we use to help us comprehend and respond to our environment.

In fact, the human brain already has an inherent inclination to perceive information as naturally organized patterns. That's why when we arrange information such as "to do" lists into understandable patterns like color schemes, it ensures that our brains are able to more quickly process the information and also increases the likelihood the tasks will be completed.

From work files to email to homework to closets, color is a great way to stay organized, boost productivity and breathe a sign of relief.

Post-it® Prioritization Flags

• Made of film material

• Easy to write on - use pen, marker or pencil

• Repositionable - Post-it® Brand adhesive sticks securely and removes cleanly

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Red-Yellow-Green Colors

Make Priorities Clear.
Visually organize your priorities and their status using the Red, Yellow and Green colors of the Post-it® Prioritization Flags. Set your priorities and communicate their progress through color.

Three Types

TO DO Message Flags
Printed with the message "TO DO" to easily identify action items.
Arrow Flags
Call attention to that note that needs attention or later reference with the arrow flags.
Writable Arrow Flags
Points to that note and provides a white space for a note

Two Sizes

1/2" or 1"
Match the size you need to where the Post-it® Flag will be used. Both sizes work great for flagging a page or flagging information on a page.

Dispenser Type

Post-it® Prioritization products come in a handy, clear plastic dispenser. Flags pop-up one-at-a-time. Conveniently goes in a desk drawer, briefcase, backpack or purse and are available when needed. Curabitur ut felis risus.