Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut

KIND Healthy Grains Granola Bars Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut
Chewy With A Crunch
KIND Healthy Grains Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut bars have a foundation of five super grains sweetened with honey and toasted coconut. Each bar has 22g of whole grains and is an good source of fiber.
KIND worked tirelessly to reach a perfect granola bar texture, delivering a unique combination of chewy and crunchy, so you never have to choose between the two.
Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut

Key Product Features

  • 100% whole grains
  • gluten free
  • all natural
  • low sodium
  • no trans fat
  • no genetically engineered ingredients
  • kosher

We believe food shouldn't be overly processed to attain an arbitrary nutrient profile or manipulated to the point that it loses its soul. Instead we obsess over creating recipes, using real food, that taste delicious and let the nutrition take care of itself. As we grow and evolve, we'll continue to stay true to our mission: real food, wholesome ingredients, and sound nutrition.

We celebrate food by making snacks with ingredients that you can recognize, pronounce and enjoy. We aspire for maximum transparency and always strive to think long term, holistically and empathically as we evaluate all decisions on behalf of our KIND consumers and our community.

We believe that people don't need to choose between health and taste when it comes to snacking. This means we'll use as little sugar as possible without sacrificing the flavor and quality of our products. We don't use high fructose corn syrup and you'll never find artificial sweeteners or added sugar alcohols in our snacks, since they go against our philosophy of using premium, better-for-you ingredients that are KIND® to your body.

In an effort to build on our commitment to transparency surrounding our products and their nutritionals, we're sharing the added sugar content of the 60+ snacks across our portfolio, two years in advance of the deadline set by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.