The 8x Portable DVD Writer with M-Disc Support is an affordable, portable DVD writer with M-DISC support for longer life recordings. This external DVD writer is the ideal companion for a laptop or netbook and is a high quality alternative to laptop manufacturers pricey options.

The 8X Portable DVD Writer includes an integrated USB F-cable that snaps to the chassis for mobility. Powered by your laptop USB ports, no AC adapter is necessary and the sophisticated LED power indicator will let you know how many USB ports are necessary to power the DVD writer.

The Portable DVD Writer also includes the CyberLink Media software suite for Windows® letting you create CDs and DVDs with music, pictures or videos with ease. This portable DVD writer is covered by Buffalo's 2-year warranty.

M-DISC Support


The 8X Portable DVD Writer now offers M-DISC support to ensure that your files last a lifetime. M-DISC recordings are resistant to light, temperature and humidity and have been proven to last 1,000 years.

ultra-slim and compact


Designed for your mobile lifestyle, the 8X Portable DVD Writer is USB powered. Just plug it into a free USB port and and you are ready to go!

integrated USB cables


The 8X Portable DVD Writer includes two integrated USB cables that snap to the chassis for easy mobility. An LED power indicator lets you know if one or two USB cables are required to power the DVD drive. Powered by your laptop USB ports, no AC adapter is necessary. Most laptops require one USB port to operate properly, however, a red LED will glow if you need to connect the second USB cable to power the unit.

Cyberlink Media Suite


Ideal for users seeking the best burning performance of DVDs and CDs, the 8x Portable DVD Writer comes bundled with CyberLink Media Suite for Windows®. Burn CDs, safeguard your data and copy DVDs like a pro!

* The bundled CyberLink™ software suite is supported on Windows® PCs only. Apple® and Mac OS® do not natively support Blu-ray with drivers or software. Mac systems natively support the CD/DVD portion of this product.