Swingline Electric Stapler, Speed Pro 45 Sheets

The Speed Pro 45 electric stapler is fast, productive and jam free! It automatically inserts staples, allowing it to work 3X faster than a typical electric stapler. Staples up to 45 sheets with Swingline standard staples or high capacity staples. Low staple indicator glows red when staple count is low to prevent running out of staples unexpectedly. With QuickLoad, all it takes is the touch of a button to eject the staple magazine and get back to work. The suction cups on the bottom will keep the stapler firmly in place. This model is compact in size and fits neatly on your desktop. Black. 7 Year Warranty. Use with Swingline Standard Staples for staple jobs up to 25 sheets.
Swingline Electric Stapler, Speed Pro 45 Sheets

  • Fast, simple electric stapling. Automatic staple insertion makes Speed Pro 3X faster than standard electrics.
  • Staples up to 25 sheets at once with Swingline Standard
  • Staples or S.F. 4 Premium Staples
  • Suction cups on base keep stapler firmly in place during use