Fix Mistakes Fast with BIC Wite Out Brand EZ Correct Correction Tape

Instant, Tidy Corrections

BIC Wite-Out Brand correction tape applies dry, allowing you to quickly write over and fix mistakes without the mess or waiting time of a correction fluid. Offering greater strength than paper-based tape, this film-based tape is more tear resistant to create tidy, inconspicuous corrections that last.

Easy to Apply

Dispensing the tape in a controlled, comfortable fashion is easy: simply position the tip flat on the area to be corrected, press down firmly, and gently move from left to right. If tape becomes loose, press tip of tape firmly on paper, make slow motion towards the right, and repeat until tape rewinds.

Translucent Dispenser

The translucent dispenser allows you to see at a glance how much tape is remaining. Ideal for on-the-go corrections, each compact tape dispenser contains 39.3 feet of correction tape, offering long-lasting use without sacrificing portability.