We're always here when you need proven support. ACE™ Brand Self-Adhering Elastic Bandages need no clips or fasteners and are designed to provide comfortable support for extended periods of time. So you can come back and enjoy all of your activities.
  • Provides compression for strenuous activities
  • Use for sprains, strains, swelling, general soreness
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Care Instructions:

Unroll the bandage. Rinse the bandage in lukewarm water by hand. To prolong the life of the bandage's self-adhesive property, DO NOT use detergent or scrub the bandage. Dry the bandage by laying it out flat on a clean surface while separating those places where it is sticking together. DO NOT machine dry or iron the bandage. After the bandage has dried, re-roll it for future use. Because of the bandage's unique self-adhesive feature, it will stick to itself through several wearings. After this time, it is necessary to use a fresh bandage.

NOTE: Washing will generally reduce the degree of self-adhesiveness

Step 1

Start wrapping at ball of foot, continuing under foot from inside to outside.

Step 2

Make 2 or 3 turns around foot moving towards ankle with each turn overlapping one-half of the previous layer. Begin a figure-eight turn bringing bandage up outside of foot, over instep and inside around ankle.

Step 3

Continue down inside of foot around heel, back up over instep, down under foot, and back up completely around ankle.

Step 4

Repeat figure-eight 2 or 3 times overlapping one-half of the previous layer and rising above the ankle.

NOTE:  If the last 5-6 inches of material begins to lose its adhesiveness you can still secure the bandage by tucking the end of the bandage underneath the last wrap or by cutting off this portion with a scissor. Since the bandage will not slip or loosen while you wear it, do not wrap it too tightly. If swelling or discomfort occurs after application, loosen the bandage. Remove the bandage before retiring. For best results, unwrap the bandage carefully. As you unwrap the bandage, re-roll it for future use. This will prevent wrinkling. By removing the bandage in this manner, it will be ready for re-use.