Venus™2 125 Laminator with Pouch Starter Kit

Perfect Lamination Without the Wait

Fellowes brings you the only fast, smart laminators with the best lamination quality. The Venus2 laminator automatically senses and instantly adjusts for any pouch you use with the AutoSense System. Ready to laminate in as fast as 30 seconds with InstaHeat Technology, no waiting just laminating.

Quality and Clarity

The Venus2 can be used for hundreds of different projects while providing a high-quality laminate finish to your documents. The AutoSense system allows you to use any pouch thickness with no changing of settings. Simply feed any pouch in for perfect lamination every time.

Create Fun Projects at School

Laminate your favorite picture to create unique bookmarks. Save school certificates and awards. Perfect for laminating picture cards and flash cards for math, language, science, or geography.

Perfect Your Presentation at Work

Keep your reference material clean and neat. Create long-lasting signs for events. Impress with laminating important presentations for a true professional look.

High-Quality Laminating without the Wait

It won't take long for this laminator to get warmed up. Thanks to InstaHeat Technology, the Venus2 is ready to go in as fast as 30 seconds. With its robust six-roller system you'll receive high-quality laminations at a rapid speed of 53 inches per minute. That translates to a good-looking finish in a small amount of time.

Laminator Instantly Self-Adjusts to Different Pouches

The Venus2 laminates hot pouches up to 10 mil thick and cold pouches. Its AutoSense system detects the pouch thickness and instantly self-adjusts to the most suitable setting for your document.

Anti-Jam Protection

In the event of a misfeed or overload, reverse mode allows pouches to be easily re-centered or removed.

At A Glance:

  • InstaHeat Technology warms up laminator in as fast as 30 seconds
  • AutoSense Technology detects pouch thickness and instantly self-adjusts laminator to optimal setting
  • Laminates hot pouches up to 10 mil thick and cold pouches
  • Robust six-roller system provides top-notch lamination quality
  • Shuts off automatically when not in use

Product Features

Up to 10 mil

Maximum Pouch Thickness.


Unique AutoSense system detects pouch thickness and instantly self-adjusts to the optimal laminating setting.

InstaHeat Technology

Warms up in as fast as one minute with InstaHeat technology.

Two Year Warranty

Fellowes offers customers superior assistance and coverage.

Product Video