Strong Zirconium Nitride-Coated Blade for Precise Cuts

The #11 fine point blade included with this X-ACTO #1 Z-Series Knife is atomically sharpened for precision. The gold hue on the cutting edge is a zirconium nitride coating applied at the atomic level after blades are atomically sharpened. The blade is coated with zirconium nitride, which makes it up to seven times sharper than standard blades. Whether cutting through paper, thin metal, or balsa wood, this durable blade creates clean, precise cuts.

Lightweight Aluminum Handle for a Versatile Knife

With a lightweight aluminum handle, this X-ACTO knife is easily maneuverable, making difficult and awkward cuts simple to perform. The easy-change blade system accepts a wide range of X-ACTO blades, so this knife can handle a wide range of craft and professional projects.

Safety Cap for Storage and Portability

The X-ACTO #1 Z-Series Knife includes a safety cap. With the safety cap in place, this knife can be stored in a drawer or taken on the go.

X-ACTO Quality and Precision

All X-ACTO products are designed and crafted with the famous precision of the X-ACTO knife. From cutting tools to everyday office supplies, X-ACTO creates quality, industry-leading products for teachers, hobbyists, professional designers and more.

At a Glance:
  • Precision knife with #11 fine point blade for exact cuts
  • Sharp and durable zirconium nitride-coated blade
  • Lightweight aluminum handle is easy to maneuver
  • Easy-change blade system
  • Safety cap for safe storage and portability