Next Generation Access Control

Access Control Expectations Have Changed

HID Global's award-winning access control solutions include eco-friendly single and multi-technology readers, traditional and mobile credentials, and comprehensive tools for third-party development. SeosĀ® credential technology provides the ideal mix of security and flexibility for any organization. Highly advanced encryption and a software-based infrastructure allows trusted identities to be securely placed on a wide variety of form factors and use applications beyond the door.

iCLASS SE & multiCLASS SE Readers

More Strategic - Within a changing industry, iCLASS SE and multiCLASS SE readerssupport 13.56 MHz and Seos credential technologies alongside 125 kHz legacy technologies to facilitate gradual upgrade.

More Customizable - iCLASS SE and multiCLASS SE readers features a broad array of reader styles and comprehensive tools for third-party development. They are designed to easily integrate with virtually any access control system.

More Mobile - iCLASS SE rand multiCLASS SE readers support the use of mobile IDs alongside traditional card credential form factors.

Seos Credential Technology

More Secure | Best-in-class cryptography offers unrivaled data and privacy protection, resulting in a more secure environment than other credential technologies.

More Mobile | Seos is software-based and independent of the underlying hardware chip, providing new levels of form factor flexibility, including use on mobile devices, smart cards, tags, etc...

More Applications | Seos can be extended for use on applications beyond physical access control, including use cases tailored for Enterprise, Education, Government, Hospitality, and more.

What is Seos?

SeosĀ® is the next generation of credential technology. Highly advanced encryption, combined with a software-based infrastructure, allows Seos to secure trusted identities on a variety of form factors and extend access control beyond the door. Curious? Click and see.

Why Upgrade?

The Evolution of Cards and Credentials

Executive brief discussing the advancement of credential technology and why upgrade is needed.

The State of Physical Access Control

Research brief with analysis on the current state of access control.

Convergence of Physical and Logical Access

White Paper discussing internal and external vulnerabilities and how to reduce risk through convergence.

Access Control in Practice Faces Challenges

Research with analysis on the practical challenges facing the access control industry.

HID Global products are designed and built in ISO 9001 certified facilities, include worldwide agency certifications, and are backed by global product warranties. Supported by decades of industry-leading experience, HID Global has proven that they stand behind their product so you can invest with absolute confidence in solutions that meet your identity and access management needs.

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