PlushTouchâ„¢ Keyboard Wrist Rest- Graphite

Product Features

Helps relieve wrist pressure

- The Softest Place Your Wrists Can Rest.

- Innovative FoamFusion Technology provides superior comfort and softness to help relieve wrist pressure.

FoamFusion technology provides comfort and helps relieve wrist pressure.

PlushTouch Keyboard Wrist Rest - Graphite.


If you sit for a long time throughout the day.


A sit-stand workstation and an anti-fatigue mat.

he Solution:

If your chair does not provide proper lumbar support, use a backrest with a foot support to maintain correct posture.

If a workflow comes easily to you.


A supportive back rest or monitor arm.

If you work with documents.


A monitor arm with a copyholder.

If you work at shared workstations.


Fellowes products featuring Microban antimicrobial.

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