Great Choice for all Your Shipping Needs

  • Quiet unwind is great for office environments.
  • Each easy-to-start roll unwinds smoothly and resists slivering and splitting.

Smooth and Quiet? It Really is!

Every roll of packaging tape includes a“release” that allows the tape to unwind from the roll. The “release” on Scotch® Sure Start Packaging Tape has been designed for Quiet and Smooth Unwind. We call it “Sure Start”. Sure Start features a smooth, quiet unwinding technology that’s ideal for any home or office setting.

Dispense That Tape!

1. Fits comfortably in your hand
2. Ridges for easy gripping
3. Tabs keep tape from falling back on the roll
4. Long “tongue” allows tape to sit upright
5. Gently pressure on the “tongue” while dispensing creates tape “tension” for tight box sealing

6. Refillable​​