Avery Glue Stic for School, Home or Office

Picture The Possibilities

If you like creating collages and decoupage crafts, the sturdy adhesive makes it ideal for gluing items in place. The glue is acid-free and archival-safe to protect photos. Create the perfect memories for graduation keepsakes, family reunion posters, baby books, and more.

To Paper and Beyond ...

Glue Stic is a perfect replacement for pins to hold fabric, trim and zippers in place before sewing down, since it easily washes out of most fabric. Ideal for use on everything from paper and cardboard, to fabrics and photos, so it’s great for arts and crafts, and much more. Glue adheres smoothly, minimizing any clumping or wrinkling.

Keep It Together


Glue Stic is the easy-to-use, solid adhesive in a twist-up tube that leaves no visible trace when dry. Simply remove the cap and twist the base for a neat, smooth application.


Fast-drying Glue Stic is safe for children. Larger classroom packs make gluing economical.

Home and Office

No more taping or licking envelopes! Grab your Glue Stic and just swipe and seal. The sturdy adhesive is ideal for easily sealing large mailings like invitations and thank-you notes.