Blu-ray is an optical media disc, like CDs and DVDs, and comes in many formats. However, it can record in higher definition and with larger storage capacities than CDs and DVDs, making it useful for archiving and backing up important files without taking up too much physical space.

What are the types of Blu-ray and how are they different?

BD-R is the most basic version of Blu-ray media. These single-layer discs, once recorded, cannot be erased as the discs are one-time write. BD-R discs have a 25GB capacity.
BD-R LTH media is manufactured using a Verbatim-exclusive organic dye that changes the disc's reflectivity during recording from "low to high." This more efficient manufacturing process allows the discs to be offered at a lower cost to consumers, while still being compatible all current Blu-ray burners. BD-R LTH discs have a 25GB capacity.

If you need more space, consider BD-R DL and BDXL media. BD-R DL offers 50GB of storage and BDXL offers 100GB of storage. While most Blu-ray players should play these types of discs without a problem, check with your device manufacturer for compatibility information.
  • BD-R 25GB
  • BD-R LTH 25GB
  • BD-R DL 50GB
  • BDXL 100GB

BD-RE is the first of the Blu-ray re-writable media options - with BD-RE discs, you can record and re-write data up to 1,000 times. This increased flexibility makes it ideal for regular system backups. Like BD-R media, BD-RE discs have a 25GB capacity.

Just like regular BD-RE, BD-RE DL discs are rewriteable up to 1,000 times. However, like BD-R DL, these are "dual layer" discs, offering twice the storage capacity of a standard BD-RE in a single disc-up to 50GB of storage.
  • BD-RE 25GB
  • BD-RE DL 50GB

Why choose Verbatim Blu-ray media?
Verbatim Blu-ray discs feature Hard Coat to protect against scratches, fingerprints and dust build-up, reducing recording or playback errors, all things Blu-ray discs can be prone to. Verbatim Blu-ray recordable and re-writeable discs are compatible with the latest Blu-ray hardware from leading manufacturers. All Verbatim Blu-ray discs are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and a 45-year history of quality and reliability.

How do I know which Blu-ray media to use?
Blu-ray media is the logical choice for backing up HD video and audio files. Basic Blu-ray media, like BD-R and BD-R LTH, is excellent for archiving HD home movies or music collections. If your video or music collection is a bit more extensive, BD-R DL or BDXL discs offer greater storage capacity with fewer discs. If you want to update your collection or perform regular system backups, consider BD-RE and BD-RE DL discs which allow you to add to or re-write the same discs up to 1,000 times.

Verbatim BD-R Discs Verbatim BD-R LTH Discs Verbatim BD-R DL Discs Verbatim BDXL Discs Verbatim BD-RE Discs Verbatim BD-RE DL Discs
Recordable once, then readable
Re-writeable (up to 1,000 times)
LTH reflectivity
Dual Layer - double to storage capacity
XL - Quadruple the storage capacity
Features Verbatim Hard Coat
Available in Printable Surface
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Capacities Offered