AURA SoHo Conference Phone

Affordable Professional Conference Calls for Everyone

<center>Crisp and clear so everyone can be heard</center>
Crisp and clear so everyone can be heard
<center>Grows with you as your business grows</center>
Grows with you as your business grows

Why the Aura SoHo Conference Phone?

  • It's full duplex, allowing for simultaneous two-way conversations.
  • Echo & noise cancellation, provided by the patented SoundClear DSP chip, gives you unprecedented clarity of sound.
  • It comes standard for analog (PSTN) phone lines. But 2 optional modules (sold separately) allow the standard unit to grow with you as your needs change.
  • The Bluetooth Module CP-2016-004 can pair with your cell phone for conferencing without even using a land line.
  • Install the Digital Module CP-2016-003 if you have a PBX.
  • Optional Microphones are available to extend the range in large rooms. CP-2016-007.
Why the Aura SoHo<sup>™</sup> Conference Phone?