17" LCD KVM Console - USB and PS/2 Interface

IOGEAR's 17" LCD KVM Combo Console offers a space-saving, streamlined approach to IT environments by integrating a keyboard, 17" TFT LCD active matrix monitor, and touchpad in one unit. Take advantage of flexibility between using USB keyboard/mouse and PS/2 keyboard/mouse.

Ease of Installation and Operation

The LCD display is built into the cover; the keyboard and touchpad are built into the base. Setup is fast and easy with the included mounting brackets. There is no software to configure, no installation routines and no incompatibility problems. Simply slide the console module section out; flip the cover up; and you are ready to go to work. When finished, flip the cover down and slide the console module back into the rack.

Viewing and Peripheral Expansion

For further convenience and flexibility, the LCD drawer also supports an external USB mouse port, and an external console ports (keyboard, monitor, and mouse), which allows a second user to take control of the KVM either remotely or locally. (Remote operation requires additional equipment).