There is a Lorell chairmat that is just right for every flooring application and for every user circumstance.

Knowing how you long you sit in your chair each day, the type of carpeting you have where you sit and the type of casters you have on your chair are all important factors in choosing the right chairmat for you own use.

What type of floor are you on?

When picking a Lorell Chairmat to use in your home or office it is important to know that you have the right chairmat for your flooring. Typically, the deeper the pile of the carpeting, the thicker your chairmat should be.

How long are you in your chair each day?

The more you are in your chair each day, the thicker the chairmat should be. Because the average office worker moves their chair 300 times in an 8-hour day, having the right chair mat will reduce wear and tear on your flooring. Using the right chairmat will also reduce stress that is placed on your back and knees when it is hard to move your chair.

How to measure your floor area.

Making sure that the chairmat fits in your space is important to be sure that you stay on the may and that it provides the maximum possible protection for your floor. Following the diagram to the right, measure your space to be certain that you purchase the right size chairmat for your application.

Guaranteed Quality!

This is Greenguard Gold Certified which ensures that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. This Lorell chairmat carries a limited lifetime product replacement warranty and is quality manufactured in the United States.