Antimicrobial Protection

Make stapling effortless. Stapling up to 40 sheets at once, this half strip stapler pushes through 2x more sheets than standard staplers. Perfect for school and crowded office environments, it's antimicrobial lined and opens for bulletin board tacking. Fix any stapling mistake with the integrated staple remover while achieving flat paper stacks thanks to the flat clinch design. As the smarter choice in stapling, this versatile stapler is there to help you with projects of all kinds.

  • Staples 2x more sheets than standard staples
  • Staples up to 40 sheets
  • Antimicrobial protected
  • Flat clinch design
  • Integrated staple remover
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Compact, half strip design
  • Includes 200 B8 PowerCrown 1/4" Staples
Antimicrobial Protection

Opens for Bulletin Board Tacking

Not only used as an office desktop stapler, this can also be used for arts and crafts or as a bulletin board stapler. To use, simply open the stapler and push the magazine pusher in until you hear a click.

</br></br>Opens for Bulletin Board Tacking

Flat Clinch Design

Get neater and flatter paper stacks with the flat clinch design. It gives each document a more professional look while saving file space, making this unit ideal for office use.

</br></br>Flat Clinch Design

Built-in Staple Remover

For immediate fixes, use the integrated remover located on the side. Working like a push-style staple remover, take out the staple with one quick push. Perfect tool for removing staples on a cork bulletin board and display board.

</br></br>Built-in Staple Remover