Compact-Keyboard G84-4100 Compact Keyboard for Small Spaces

Perfection for even the smallest of spaces!
This compact keyboard is the perfect solution for users with only limited space available and low weight requirements. For example, applications in the banking sector, medical institutions or portable systems. Also suitable for 19-inch applications. This keyboard is perfectly suited for slim-line PCs and laptops and can be enhanced optimally with the numeric block G84-4700.
Compact-Keyboard G84-4100 Compact Keyboard for Small Spaces

Facts & Features

  • Mechanical keyswitches are rated at 20 million actuations to withstand harsh environments and ensure long product lifetime
  • Size-reduced QWERTY key layout in ultraslim 11" form factor combines maximal space efficiency with comfortable alphanumeric data entry
  • "FN-Key" for easy access of integrated numeric area ensures complete function support as with full size keyboards
  • Available with or without Windows keys (83/86 keys)
Facts & Features

Key Benefits

  • Individual keys with Gold Crosspoint contacts (ML technology)
  • Designed for continuous usage over 20 million actuations per key
  • High level of reliability and precise tactile feedback
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Lightweight
  • Can also be delivered without "Windows® keys" (83 keys)
  • Complete functions of a standard keyboard
  • Can be used with the standard drivers of the operating system
  • Ideal for 19” rack mount, medical card and mobile applications
Key Benefits