Liquid Paper DryLine Correctional Tape

Make quick and easy corrections to your written or typed text
Make no mistake about it, Paper Mate Liquid Paper DryLine Correction Tape has got you--and your mistakes--covered. At nearly 40 feet long, the DryLine Correction Tape contains Liquid Paper's longest tape available, making it perfect for school and for work. Like most Liquid Paper correction tape products, DryLine tape lays down absolutely smooth and corrects instantly with no mess. So you never need to wait for it to dry before copying, faxing, rewriting or typing. The super strong tape resists breaking and tearing for a correction product you can truly rely on.
  • Side application improves visibility while correcting
  • Lays down smooth and corrects instantly with no mess
  • No drying time needed before copying, faxing, rewriting or typing
  • Strong tear-proof tape helps prevent breaking
  • Transparent dispenser allows you to see your tape so you know before you run out

Easy to Use

Place your paper on a firm, flat surface. Position the tip of the applicator flat on the paper and slowly roll over the error while maintaining firm, even pressure. When area is completely covered, stop and lift dispenser.

DryLine Products for Every Need

DryLine Original

Strong tear-proof tape helps prevent breaking, with no drying time needed

DryLine Ultra

Pen-style case is comfortable to hold for both right and left-handed users, while the flip back top makes it easy to refill.

DryLine Grip

Uniquely shaped dispenser fits comfortably in your hand, with a comfort grip that is perfect for long correction tasks.


30% wider than standard correction tapes for the broadest coverage, while still designed to fit between college rule notebook paper.

DryLine Mini

Convenient mini size for day planners, pencil cases and book bags.

DryLine Micro

Small and portable, an ideal addition to any pencil case or hand bag, with a tip guard to protect tip and tape from damage.

 About Liquid Paper

Since 1961, Liquid Paper has introduced innovative and easy-to-use correctional products to meet the needs of students and professionals alike. Offering classic correction fluid alongside newer products like Click Correct pens and DryLine correctional tape, Liquid Paper continues to have you covered.​​