Tombow MONO Correction Tape Original

MONO Correction Tape is the original single line correction tape. The compact, easy-to-use side-action applicator gives accurate application to instantly correct typed or handwritten documents. Dual Gear technology features a self-tightening mechanism which prevents looping and pulling of the tape. Make instant corrections with no drying time, no mess and no waiting. The ergonomic design allows you to comfortably make corrections throughout the work day. Easily adjust break-proof tape with the rewind knob. Premium quality tape allows you to re-write with pen, pencil or marker. Non-refillable.
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Recycled Content

Tombow’s Correction Tape product line has been independently certified by SCS Global Services for recycled content levels. As part of the certification process, SCS determined that Tombow purchases recycled material from verifiable suppliers. Tombow MONO Correction Tape Original is manufactured from 70% post-consumer waste (PCW).
</br>Recycled Content