PaperPro® 1/2" Heavy Duty Staples (100 Sheet Capacity)

Paperwork can be a hassle, but stapling it shouldn't be. With PaperPro Heavy Duty Staples, tackle your big jobs of up to 100 sheets with ease and enjoy reliable performance when you need it most.

Designed to be used with the PaperPro inHANCE™+ 100 (model #1300). Ideal for home, office, or school. Staples have a 1/2” leg length. Pack of 1,000 staples.


  • Ready for action in most heavy duty staplers
  • 1/2” leg length (23/13 staple size)
  • Staples up to 100 sheets of paper
  • 1,000 staples per box
  • Use with PaperPro inHANCE+ 100 (model #1300)
PaperPro® 1/2