Sharp EL-1801V Portable 12-Digit Z-Color Serial Printing Calculator

12 digit calculator is perfect for the occasional user, especially in a small office or home office setting. Features an extra large fluorescent display for easy viewing. You can count on the fast and reliable 2.5 lines-per-second ink printer. Professional keyboard layout with one-touch change calculation to display and print the change owed. Cost-sell-margin keys make for quick and easy profit margin calculations.
  • Large 12-digit blue fluorescent display(12.0 mm)
  • Quick 2.5 LPS, 2-color serial printer
  • One-touch change calculation function
  • Cost/Sell/Margin keys, Grand Total and Average
  • Built-in, mark up, + tax, -tax, and right shift keys
  • Floating or fixed decimal (3,2,1,0), add mode, item count
  • AC operation only

The Perfect Printing Calculator for Any Business

The EL-1801V is a desktop printing calculator with a large 12- digit blue fluorescent display with fast, 2 color printing. This portable model with the addition of the change feature makes it the perfect general purpose printing calculator for virtually any business application.
The Perfect Printing Calculator for Any Business

<center><b>Fluorescent, Easy to Read
Display</b></br>Features 12-digit blue fluorescent
display (12.0 mm)</center>
Fluorescent, Easy to Read Display
Features 12-digit blue fluorescent display (12.0 mm)
<center><b>2 Color Serial Printer</b></br>Ink prints in the colors red and black
at a speed of 2.1 lines per second</center>
2 Color Serial Printer
Ink prints in the colors red and black at a speed of 2.1 lines per second
<center><b>Change Function
</b></br>Calculates the change owed and is
displayed and printed</center>
Change Function
Calculates the change owed and is displayed and printed



Dimensions(Inches) 7.6 x 10.04 x 2.38 7.6 x 10 x 2.6 5.91 x 9.06 x 2.03
Change Function
Printer Type Paper Paperless Paper
Replacement Ink Victor IR40T None Victor IR40T
Power Source AC AC AC/DC (4 AA batteries
Tax Keys
4 Key Memory
Check & Correct
Grand Total
Easy Read Tilt Display
Sign Change Key
Cost/Sell/Margin Keys

About The Brand

Sharp has remained a leader within the electronic calculator industry since its introduction in the 1960s. Sharp has innovated the industry through numerous breakthroughs, such as the first alltransistor-diode electronic desktop calculator in 1964, the first calculator with LCD display in 1973, and the first solar-powered pocket calculator in 1980. Sharp is dedicated to the use of unique, innovative technology to contribute to the culture, benefits, and welfare of people throughout the world.