Staxonsteel® - Legal

When your records storage needs go beyond file storage boxes, you can maximize your storage space with Bankers Box Storage Drawers. Our storage drawers stack higher and save space while still allowing easy access to files.

Bankers Box Staxonsteel Storage Drawers provide an easily expandable storage solution for your home or office. Sized to fit legal documents, the Staxonsteel drawers are supported by a steel frame and interlock both vertically and horizontally to create space-saving storage. They can be stacked up to 10 units high to help you maximize your storage space.

Bankers Box is a storage and organization brand owned by the Fellowes family for four generations


Product Features

Reinforced Steel For Heavy Use

Staxonsteel storage drawers feature reinforced front and back drawer panels and have a rigid, tough exterior to withstand even the heaviest day-to-day usage. For convenience, each drawer includes a factory-installed high-impact drawer handle that holds an index card for easy organization and fast file retrieval. The drawers easily snap together using poly-lock technology and are reinforced with steel to ensure that full drawers open and close smoothly.

At a Glance:

- Stacks 10 units high

- Steel framework interlock vertically or horizontally

- High-impact handle holds an index card for organization

- 60 percent total recycled content

- Carton includes six letter size drawers

Save Space by Stacking Vertically

Staxonsteel Storage Drawers are ideal when you have a limited amount of storage space, no shelving units, and require frequent access to files. The stronger the drawers, the higher they stack and the more space you save.

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