The fibers tell the story.

Thin, conformable fibers are uniformly coated with tough, water-based resins throughout the pad-not just on the surface-maximizing pad-to-floor contact.

Larger, stiffer fibers are randomly coated on the surface areas only, providing fewer contact points with the floor and inconsistent results.

Choose the right floor pad for the job.

3M™ High Productivity Pad 7300

Our most aggressive stripping pad. Unique open construction resists loading and clogging. For fast removal of finish and proven consistent stripping.

3M™ Black Stripper Pad 7200

Standard of the industry. Consistnt proven performance. Long pad life.

3M™ White Super Polish Pad 4100

Ideal for removing soil and scuff marks with minimal dulling. Also used to polish wood floors.

3M™ Red Buffer Pad 5100

Designed for everyday cleaning and light scrubbing to remove light soil, scuff marks and black heal marks.

3M™ Blue Cleaner Pad 5300

Heavy-duty scrubbing for 1–2 coatremoval prior to recoating.

3M™ Eraser Burnish Pad 3600

Removes black marks and returns gloss in fewerpasses than other pads while producing less dust.Ideal for harder finishes and high traffic areas.Excellent durability and minimal finish removal.vitae egestas molestie velit congue.

Scotch-Brite™ Surface Preparation Pad

Heavy-duty scrubbing for 2–4 coatremoval prior to recoating.quam. Phasellus faucibus libero.

Scotch-Brite™ Purple DiamondFloor Pad Plus

Diamond-coated floor pads further enhance theappearance of terrazzo, slate and polished concrete.