Stor/Drawer® Steel Plus™ - Letter

When your records storage needs go beyond file storage boxes, you can maximize your storage space with Bankers Box Storage Drawers. Our storage drawers stack higher and save space while still allowing easy access to files.

Bankers Box Stor/Drawer Steel Plus Storage Drawers offer a smart and efficient way to organize files in your home or office. Constructed with a steel support frame, the Extra Space-Saving drawers can be stacked up to five units high. Reinforced plastic handles provide easy drawer access, while removable rails make it easy to hang files.

Bankers Box is a storage and organization brand owned by the Fellowes family for 4 generations.

Product Features

Built for Everyday Use

Stor/Drawer Steel Plus storage drawers are made from heavy-duty corrugate with four-layer reinforcement on the front and back to withstand heavy day-to-day usage. The drawers include a reinforced plastic handle for fast file retrieval and removable rails to accommodate hanging files.

At A Glance:

- Stacks five units high

- Steel frame reinforces heavy-duty corrugate

- Reinforced plastic handle for easy access to contents

- Includes removable rails for hanging files

- 60 percent total recycled content

- Carton includes drawers with rails

Save Space by Stacking Vertically

Stor/Drawer Steel Plus Storage Drawers are ideal when you have a limited amount of storage space, no shelving units and require occasional access to files. The stronger the drawers, the higher they stack and the more space you save.

A steel support frame lends strength to the drawers, allowing them to be stacked up to five units high. By stacking vertically, you can free up useful space while keeping your files neatly organized.

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