Sturdy, economical and expandable!

The INSTAVIEW desktop reference system is both strong and cost-friendly. It is a practical solution for keeping frequently used reference documents close at hand.

  • Available in black or assorted colors (2 ea red, black, dark blue, green and yellow)
  • Easily expandable by purchasing additional systems and connecting to each other (connectors included)

Advantage at a Glance

Glare-free, polypropylene sleeves with rugged frames

Includes desk stand, 10 sleeves (20 viewing slides) 10 snap-on tabs and connector brackets.

Expandable without limits to ensure all reference documents can be kept close at hand.

Ideal organization tool for customer service, sales, classroom and general office use.

Product Description

Color:Black | Style:Desktop System

The InstaView Desktop Reference System from Durable is economical, functional, and an ideal organizational tool for customer service, sales, and general office use. It is easily expandable by connecting additional systems with each other (connectors included) and features glare-free polypropylene sleeves with rugged black frames. Also available with frames in assorted colors - two each in red, black, yellow, blue, and green (DBL5612-00). Includes desk stand, 10 sleeves (20 viewing sides) and 5 snap-on tabs.

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