T-handle design allows for easier punching

For heavy, daily hole punching turn to this heavy duty paper punch with a unique T-handle. The T shape of this punch handle delivers extra power by increasing leverage and making it easier for you to manually punch through a high sheet count. In fact, this punch can cleanly cut through as many as 40 sheets in one motion. The durable metal construction ensures consistent, reliable punching performance for years to come. The Heavy Duty Punch is flexible with the ability to accept up to 7 punch heads to deliver 2 - 7 hole punching. The centers are also fully adjustable and the face plate of the punch is printed with both metric and inch positioning for more accurate hole punch results. This paper punch is designed to accommodate standard size paper as well as oversize A4 sheets. The patented pin technology increases precision to create clean 9/32" holes to allow punched sheets to be easily inserted into ring binders or presentation folders.

Hole punch through as many as 40 sheets with this workhorse paper punch. Easily punch between 2 - 7 holes in standard or A4 paper. The T-handle increases leverage to reduce manual punch strain. Delivers clean and precise results for diverse hole punching applications.