Swingline Comfort Handle 2-Hole Punch, 50% Easier, 1/4" Hole Size, 28 Sheets

Breakthrough ease of use
Ideal for everyday paper punching, the Comfort Handle 2-Hole Punch by Swingline is specifically designed with comfort and simplicity in mind. It features a reduced effort functionality which makes the manual punching action 50% easier. Compared to traditional hole punches, the Comfort Handle model literally takes only half as much effort to punch through as many as 28 sheets. The ergonomic handle of the Comfort Handle punch is also padded to make it more comfortable during use and it locks down to make storage more efficient. For all your 2-hole punching needs, this paper punch includes patented pin technology to deliver precise punching of two 1/4" holes. Punch heads are not replaceable. The fully adjustable paper guide successfully provides the flexibility needed to get accurate hole punch results. Plus, all the paper chips are neatly caught in the non-skid chip tray on the punch base to help keep your desktop neat and clean. The metal construction of the Comfort Handle 2-Hole Punch will deliver long-lasting, effective performance.
Reduced effort operation sets this 2-hole punch apart from the competition. Give yourself a break and hold punch through 28 sheets with 50% less punching effort. Also features a padded handle and fully adjustable paper guide. 100% Performance Guarantee.