America's #1 stapler

The 747 Classic desktop stapler is simple, accurate, reliable and strong--in short everything that you would expect from a Swingline stapler. Durable metal construction guarantees long lasting performance without making the stapler uncomfortable to use. Superior strength allows the stapler to staple through as many as 20 sheets when packed with the recommended Swingline Premium Staples. You can also flip open the top of the stapler and use it to tack up papers quickly and easily. A specialized inner rail enhances the stapler's stability so that it is less prone to jamming or misfiring. Positive locking latch is also included to secure the staples in the proper position once they are loaded inside the stapler. The 747 Classic Stapler is backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee and limited lifetime warranty. The 747 Classic is America's #1 stapler and it is known for its metal construction that provides maximum durability. Still versatile, this desktop stapler pops open to offer tacking ability and it features a robust 20 sheet stapling capacity. Backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee and limited lifetime warranty, this stapler is built to last.