4x Longer Life with HHC™ Cutter Technology

This executive electric pencil sharpener is great for personal home or office use. Crafted with a reliable powerful motor that's stall-free, it features an easy clean shavings tray and ultra safety features. With special HHC™ cutter technology, it offers a 4x longer life than standard sharpeners. Comes in a sophisticated black color for use in any space.

  • 4x longer life with HHC™ cutter technology
  • Powerful, stall-free motor with normal use
  • Easy-to-clean shavings tray
  • Safety switch prevents operation when shavings tray is removed

Safety Switch with Shavings Tray

The large shavings tray catches pencil shavings for zero mess. It's also hassle-free and easy to clean. When removed from the sharpener, the internal safety switch prohibits the motor from operation to ensure user safety.