Thermal machine provides permanent seal for the long-term protection of important documents; be productive and make professional presentations. Permanent clear film lets information show through.


  • Protect items from damage
  • Clear professional finish
  • Clear to let important information show through
  • Photo safe*

Certificates, signs, maps, artwork, photos, cards, ID badges, name tags, luggage tags, business cards.

* Photo-safe determined in accordance with ISO Standard 18916

At The Office- Look Sharp

Save The Date

Make calendar pages you can write on, wipe off and reuse with Thermal Pouches.

Parking Permitted

Hand visitors durable, reusable parking passes you create with our Thermal Pouches.

Seal The Deal

Use Thermal Pouches, to create professional-grade sales materials that help close the deal.

Guard Your Badge

Protect ID badges against damage with Thermal Pouches.