1. Incoming raw materials inspection
All incoming materials: drums, toner, blades, PCRs, magnetic rollers, etc. are verified against stringent standards before they reach the production floor.

2. Sort & Grade
All empty cartridges are sorted and graded. Only premium empty cartridges are used to ensure optimal quality.

3. Recycle
All packaging materials, used hoppers and non-conforming components are disassembled and recycled.

4. Split & Clean
Empty cartridges are carefully disassembled and cleaned using a proprietary state-of-the-art process. Hopper's are precisely split using custom built automated equipment.

5. Digital Auto Filling
Using automated filling equipment that we develop in-house, each cartridge is precisely filled to the exact specified weight. Toner hoppers are filled with premium toners, which are technically matched to the OPC's (drum) for optimal yields and printer performance.

6. Sealing
Each toner hopper is sealed withan OEM style seal. Our quality sealing process ensures a leak-proof cartridge that is easy for the consumer to install.

6. Sealing
Our factory-trained technicians assemble all cartridges with OEM grade compatible components (up to 75% new components are used in each cartridge.) The assembly process includes the installation of a pre-qualified drum, wiper blade, doctor blade, PCR and magnetic roller.

8. 100% Post Testing
Each and every cartridge is post tested utilizing industry standard print tests to ensure outstanding performance and quality.

9. Packaging
All cartridges receive a final inspection to ensure they conform to our stringent quality standards. Cartridges are cleaned, polished, heat-sealed in a static resistant bag and boxed. A full set of instructions and warranty information is included.

10. Quality Control
Each step in our manufacturing process is monitored by dedicated Quality Control experts. Each step in our production process undergoes regular and spot inspections to guarantee that our products meet the expectations of the consumer.