Helical Cutter Blade Lasts 23 Times Longer

The X-ACTO steel helical cutter in this sharpener is engineered for precision and durability. This hardened steel X-ACTO cutter offers 23 times longer blade life than a standard sharpener* without requiring regular maintenance. Shavings are caught in an integrated receptacle for easy cleanup.

*23 times longer blade life compared to X-ACTO W19505 Razor Blade Pencil Sharpener.

Designed to Withstand Heavy Use

The classic design of the X-ACTO Powerhouse Sharpener stands up to heavy, regular use in large office situations. The heavy-duty electric DC motor produces reliable power for consistent peformance in busy environments, and suction-cup feet keep this sharpener in place during use.

Technology Minimizes Waste and Prevents Overheating

Engineered for performance and safety, this sharpener features Pencil Saver technology to prevent over-sharpening and minimize waste, while SafeStart ensures the sharpener will not start if the shaving receptacle is removed.

X-ACTO Quality and Precision

All X-ACTO products are designed and crafted with the famous precision of the X-ACTO knife. From cutting tools to everyday office supplies, X-ACTO creates quality, industry-leading products for teachers, hobbyists, professional designers and more.

At a Glance:

  • Commercial-grade pencil sharpener for heavy-use environments
  • Helical cutter sharpens pencils with precision
  • Heavy-duty electric motor provides reliable power
  • Pencil Saver technology eliminates over-sharpening and extends pencil life
  • SafeStart helps protect sharpener and user