X-ACTO KS Manual Pencil Sharpener

Engineered for everyday dependability, the X-ACTO KS Manual Pencil Sharpener is built to meet the demands of high-volume environments. The classic classroom sharpener, the X-ACTO KS Manual utilizes dual hardened helical cutters to efficiently sharpen pencils to fine point tips. Its all-metal construction stands up to the wear and tear of student use, while the integrated mount and included screws allow for simple installation on a wall or desk. Sturdy and low-maintenance, the X-ACTO KS Manual Pencil Sharpener is designed to reliably serve schools.

What's in the Box:

  • X-ACTO KS Manual Pencil Sharpener, Metal Finish
  • Four screws

Helical Cutter Blades Stay Sharp 33 Times Longer

The dual X-ACTO steel helical cutters in this sharpener are engineered for precision and durability. These hardened steel X-ACTO cutters offer 33 times longer blade life than a standard sharpener without regular maintenance.

Designed to Withstand Heavy Classroom Use

The X-ACTO KS Manual Pencil Sharpener is designed specifically to stand up to regular and continuous use in high-traffic classroom environments. A die-cast metal base provides rugged stability, while a nickel-plated shavings receptacle withstands years of use.

Manual Sharpener Adjusts to Eight Pencil Sizes

The classic look of this sharpener fits naturally in the classroom, and the sharpener mounts easily with the four included screws on a table or wall. Adjustable for eight pencil sizes, this sharpener can handle everything from beginner pencils to colored pencils with ease. The manual crank operation is simple for school children to use.

X-ACTO Quality and Precision

All X-ACTO products are designed and crafted with the famous precision of the X-ACTO knife. From cutting tools to everyday office supplies, X-ACTO creates quality, industry-leading products for teachers, hobbyists, professional designers and more.

‚Äč At a Glance:

  • Commercial-grade pencil sharpener for busy classrooms
  • Dual helical cutters sharpen pencils with precision
  • Mountable on wall, desk, or table with the included screws
  • Adjustable to accommodate 8 pencil sizes
  • Manual operation is easy for school children to use