Standard Foot Rest

- Offers dual-position height adjustment

- Free-Floating platform encourages lower leg movement to help reduce fatigue

- Textured surface massages soles of feet

- Product contains 95% post-consumer recycled materials

At A Glance:

  • Dual position height adjustment
  • Free-floating platform
  • Textured Surface

Product Features

Dual position height adjustment.

Textured surface massages soles of feet.

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Product contains 95% post-consumer recycled materials.

The Solution:

If your chair does not provide proper lumbar support, use a backrest with a foot support to maintain correct posture.

The Solution:

Wrist supports help to align your wrists and redistribute pressure points to help relieve pain and prevent potential injury.

The Solution:

Keyboard managers position your keyboard and mouse lower and closer to your body, allowing you to adopt and maintain a neutral working posture. Monitor and laptop supports position your monitor or laptop at a comfortable viewing angle, while Document Holders place your documents more ergonomically.


The Solution:

Alternate between sitting and standing to actively reduce the health risks of sedentary working such as heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes.